Hat Love

Crown: The crown is the part that sits on top of your head. Avoid handling the crown as it will damage and misshape it, instead handle your hat by the brim.

Hatband: The hatband is the ribbon around the “waist”. Hatbands can be easily removed and replaced.

Brim: The brim is the “skirt” of the hat / bottom half of the hat. It can come in a wide range of widths as well as shapes (ie: flat, turned up, turned down).

NOTE: Don’t rest your hat on its brim. To best care for your hat flip it upside down on a flat, clean surface.

For Felt & Straw Hats

STORAGE: We highly suggest you keep your hat in its hat box. This will keep the brim and crown from being crushed. If you wear your hat frequently, you can hang it on a hat hook or a coat rack for easy access.

-Note: Hang your hat from the back (side with the label).

-Use cedar chips to protect from moths and other insects.

-When handling your hat please hold the brim

CARE: To clean a straw hat, use a mild soap and a very soft brush. Let the hat dry at room temperature.

If your hat gets wet: Avoid resting the hat on it’s brim. Never expose a wet hat to heat, let it dry naturally at room temperature. (Using a heater or dryer to dry your hat will shrink your hat and other unwanted variations).

Before your hat is completely dry be sure to smooth out any unwanted imperfections with a soft brush. If you need it reshaped email us at studio@satyatwena.com.