Halo Burgundy

This hat is made to order - everything is custom.
From the hat color, to the thread color to the one of a kind universe lining...AND your hand embroidered words / mantra / intentions.

The details:
  • Western weight (You choose the color )
  • Crown height (4") with a 3-1/8" brim
  • Handcrafted in Ojai, California 
  • 2 astrological signs + 1 embroidery on the crown (gold / silver or a combination of the two)
  • Hand embroidered sweatband
  • Hand embroidered details

What to expect:

Your custom hat takes 4-5 weeks to craft.

Once you order your hat, we will work together on the details.

If you have questions, please email studio@satyatwena.com.